We offer a wide range of loans for various purposes.

Interest Rate Range
4 % – 15%
Maximum Amount Disbursed Range
$2,000.00 – $450,000.00
Maximum Repayment Time Range
1 year – 30 years 

Our range of loans are as follows:

  • Agriculture/ Business Loan
  • Alimony
  • Loans for Household Items
  • Christmas Loan
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Educational
  • Medical Expenses
  • House Repairs & Home Improvement
  • Loans to Purchase Land
  • Building Construction
  • Residential Mortgages
  • New Vehicle
  • Second-hand Vehicles Over Four (4) Years Old to Six (6) Years Old
  • Second-hand Vehicles Over Six (6) Years Old
  • Car Repairs
  • Car Insurance
  • Travel Loan
  • Wedding Expenses
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Loans to Purchase
  • Computers/Computer Systems & Peripherals
  • Legal Fees
  • Personal Effects
  • Line of Credit
  • Loans for CCCU Conventions
  • Special Loan Facility
  • School Supplies
  • Investment Loan


  1. All loan applicants must be bonafide members of the Credit Union.
  2. All new members must complete a minimum time requirement of membership, with the Credit Union to qualify for a loan in excess of their Savings unless approved by the Board under special circumstances.
  3. A member who has been required to clear arrears resulting from delinquency must observe a waiting period of three months after completion of such payment before a new loan may be approved for that member.
  4. A loan shall not be granted to a still member (that is, a member who is not making contributions to shares) over and above his/her share value, unless that member makes contributions to shares for the last three(3) consecutive months. (By-Law 79)



The following may be accepted as security for loans

  1. Bill of Sale on Vehicles up to eight (8) years old;
  2. Bill of Sale on Furniture/Appliances; Proof of Ownership, Insurance and Condition of items must be verified
  3. Cash Surrender Value of Life Insurance Policies which must be verified by the member providing a statement from the Insurance Company.
  4. Shares, Stocks and/or Bonds Certificates that can be traded;
  5. Guarantors who are willing to deposit the Tangible Security as specified in (a), (b), (c),(d) above; or
  6. Legal Mortgage on Property.
  7. Shares/Deposits Balances held by the loan applicant or guarantor.

The Credit Committee shall ensure that there are no prior liens, security interests or assignments of the securities being offered.

A member is required to hold adequate Property Insurance on any property offered as Security for a loan, and must furnish proof of such Insurance.

If a member fails to renew the Insurance on such property, the Credit Union shall pay such Insurance and charge the Premium cost of such Insurance to the account of that member.